Foot Soldier Gear

Our Mission

Our mission first and foremost is to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. We offer a unique Christian Brand that feels cool to wear and represent what you stand for and believe in. I remember when I first caught fire for God and I wanted to rep it so I looked for Christian shirts and I never found a brand that fit me. Our brand is for the people that is cool and loves Jesus and is not a cookie cutter Christian. We want to shake the persona that if you are a christian that you are weak or soft, it actually means you are strong and have courage.

Right now is the most exciting time to be a Christian maybe ever! Why I say that is because being a Christian is going against the grain of society. Wake up and see us Christians our the new age rebels. Its easy to be a Christian in Church step out the walls and be a Foot Soldier In Gods Army. Its time for good men to make a stand!

Represent What You Stand For and Believe In

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