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Gods Grace

Gods Grace is his unconditional love, meaning he loves us no matter what beyond our understanding. I think most of us have made mistakes or had a rough patch in our lives and wondered how am I still here or why. It is God's grace; he has love and a plan for our lives. Here is a real life story about God's Grace. Kevin Scheid, a co founder in Metal For Moms and co founder of Foot Soldier Gear.

Kevin's Story

My name is Kevin and I would like to share a story about a motorcycle accident that I was in. I think this could help others believe in God and that miracles do happen.

You may know a friend or family member that is going through a hard time and this can give you hope for them to get better. When I was 22 years old I was into partying and I made a bad decision in riding my Harley Davidson motorcycle from party to party. On my way home that night I crashed going over a railroad track not wearing a helmet, another bad decision, and was flown to the Medical Center in Toledo and listed in critical condition. I was in a coma for six months. Doctors there told my family and friends that there was not much hope in me surviving. There was talk that if I did survive that the best that I could be is a vegetable. With me being an organ donor doctors asked my parents about donating my organs.

A doctor then saw my eyes dilate meaning there was brain activity and then cut out part of my skull to relieve pressure from my head swelling. After the swelling stopped doctors replaced the piece of skull they had removed. I went to St. Francis Health Care Center for rehabilitation after the hospital where I had to learn to walk, talk, and eat again. After going home I then did more rehab at Fisher Titus Hospital. I think that is pretty much all of the major things that I can remember and I really believe that this all happened for a reason and that it was God straightening me out.

I truly believe that what Josh and I are doing now is all part of God's plan for us. After all I went through I now have a tattoo of a Cross that says "believe in miracles", and believe me I do.

If you have a story you would like to share please email We may post them here or our Facebook page to help inspire others and to give God Glory.

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