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Metal For Moms

Metal for Moms is a project that helps out local charities. We recycle metal which people donate and give the money we make from the scrap yard to help local charities. Since we started in the summer of 2011 we have recycled more than 350,000 pounds of metal and have given local charities more than $35,000. We do not tell people this to say "look at what we did" but look what God has done through us. Without God we would not be doing this. Our crew is made up of men who have a Heart to help those in need.

Metal for Moms does not look for money donations. We take anything metal like old appliances, cans, cars and simply anything metal. People enjoy how we come clean up their junk and it helps out the community and our planet. Our mission for Metal for Moms is to turn junk into a helping hand to those in need!

So if you have any scrap metal you would like to donate and live in Norwalk, Ohio or the surrounding area please email We change who we are helping all the time so please ask what our current mission is.

Thank You And God Bless!

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